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"Three years ago with my partner Juan Pablo we discovered an interesting void in the quality of simultaneous translation in medical events, specifically in the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Medicine has its own very specific terminology. It is a separate language in itself. Clinical research also has its own language within the medical field. It has terminology and vocabulary that is not easily learned. It is necessary to have direct experience in order to understand its meaning and importance. You can not exchange terms when translating from one language to another, it has to be the exact term. When a pharmaceutical company conducts a local research meeting, the investment in time and money is enormous and therefore can not leave the most important, the content of the meeting, to someone without the proper training." Diego Ortiz Cathcart

We bring to each meeting a number of benefits:

  • We are 100% bilingual, 2-way translation is very comfortable for us.
  • We are Bicultural which allows us to understand accents and nuances in English that local translators generally do not completely understand.
  • We fully understand the content and medical and scientific context.
  • For each event, previous and detailed preparation where we review each of the presentations to ensure that there is an understanding and uniformity of the language to be used.
  • Extensive knowledge and familiarity with each country in the region, understanding the differences in terms and vocabulary between them.

Juan Pablo Guzman MD Tucson, Arizona

  • 100% Bilingual and Bicultural.
  • Doctor - El Bosque University (Colombian School of Medicine), Bogota
  • Internal Medicine Internship - Fundación Santa Fe de Bogota
  • Massachusetts General Hospital Clinical Pharmacologist
  • Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston
  • Clinical Epidemiologist - School of Public Health, Harvard University

Boston 23+ years of experience directing Phase 1-3 drug research and development programs for Cardiology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Immunology and Oncology among others. Extensive experience in the management and elaboration of research protocols, brochures of researchers, safety reports and clinical portion of dossier sent to regulatory agencies. Clinical representative on working committees with FDA, EMEA and regulatory agencies of major countries in Latin America. Currently a founding partner of a consulting company for the pharmaceutical industry that offers simultaneous translation services, executive summaries, scientific writing and logistical support in clinical studies in Latin America.

Diego Ortiz Cathcart - Bogota Colombia / Raleigh, NC

  • 100% Bilingual and Bicultural
  • San Francisco State University - Business Administration
  • 27+ years working with Multinational companies in Latin America and the USA. Leading Marketing and Sales teams.
  • 10+ Years experience as a professional Voice Actor
  • Latam Neutral voice for various well known Electronic brands
  • English/Spanish IVR for US Financial Institutions, accents, books on tape, web voice brochures.
  • 3+ Years working specifically on simultaneous medical interpretation.
  • Hands on experience translating for Financial, Agri-business, Telecom, Pharmaceutical and Enterprise Software industries.

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